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Croatia finish third at World Cup after Mislav Orsic’s winner against Morocco

Croatia beat Morocco 2-1 in the World Cup third-place playoff to leave Qatar on a high after again surpassing expectations following their run to the final in 2018. Mislav Orsic’s

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Virtual care operator streamlines the patient journey for people with multiple and long-term conditions in Finland

The MASSE project, led by Aalto University, has created the design principles for a system that will improve the efficiency of care, especially for chronic and multimorbid patients who use

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U.S. to reveal scientific milestone on fusion energy

The U.S. Department of Energy on Tuesday will announce that scientists at a national lab have made a breakthrough on fusion, the process that powers the sun and stars that

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Xbox Game Pass December 2022 free games

Xbox Game Pass is set to close out the year with a pretty strong month of games to play. Whether you are looking for a bite-size adventure before you travel

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Stranded dog rescued from mangrove island in Florida

A Florida sheriff’s office came to the rescue of a dog spotted stranded on a mangrove island in a creek. The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office said in a Facebook post

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